Finances and General Purposes Team


Chairman - Yvonne Piper

Oversees the management of finance and accounts throughout the County



County Treasurer - Ann Swabey

Prepares annual accounts for the County and manages the County finaces with the Chairman


Awards Committee - Angela Pickett

Chairs the County Awards Committee



Badge Secretary - Pam Lovegrove

Provides a service to Leaders in the County by supplying badges and Trading Goods



County Store Co-ordinator - Ann Swabey

Manages bookings for barrowing teh county equipment.



County Goods - Suzie Hellyer

Manages the County Depot, including County clothing 


County Catering Manager - Ruth Sims

Caters for large County Events



Insurance, Property and Equipment - Nicky Biscoe

Maintains a register of all County equipment and ensures that it is insured



Treasurer to the Adult Support Team - Maureen Norton

Manages accounts for the Adult Support team.



Treasurer to the M&C Team - Nicky Biscoe

Manages the accounts for the Marketing and Communication team



Treasurer to the Guiding Development Team - Pat Ware

Manages accounts for the Guiding Development team.



Administrator - Val Noble

Contacts for all admin for events and for training bookings.



Administrator - Ms Sheena 

Contacts for all admin for events and for training bookings.